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Plastic Films

Our Plastic Films are widely used in industries as a reliable packing material. These Plastic Films have high sealing properties and we procure them from the trusted sources that use high grade materials in making the Plastic Films. The main feature of our Plastic Films is that they are odor free. These Plastic Films are easy to use and are quality tested so that they conform to the required Industry Standards. Our Plastic Films are safe to use and we offer them to clients in options like LLDP Stretch Film and Polyolefin Films.

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LLDP Stretch Film
We are proud to offer client our LLDP Stretch Film that is an environmental friendly stretch film which is ideal for automated wrapping of products. These LLDP Stretch Films are used for hand wrapping and have properties like high stretch and cling characteristics. These LLDP Stretch Films can be used for hand-tools, semi-automatic or fully

Polyolefin Films
We offer high quality Polyolefin Films which are made specifically for chamber and tunnel machines like PVC in terms of shrink speed and appearance. These Polyolefin Films have excellent properties like no smoke, odor free, no residue build up on sealing device. Besides, the Polyolefin Films can be stored without air conditioning. Our